Centrifugal Separator

Automatic Models

Product features

  • Operation to the removal of the sludge is an automatic process. Manual operation is not required.
  • Extra management is not required, so it is really easy to use.



Processing cycle

  • Process Liquid continiously flows up through the Feed Tube.
  • The Impeller accelerated and distributes the Liquid into the Spinning Bowl.
  • Liquid flows up The Pool Surface of the Bowl as the solids separate and compact at the Perimeter of the Bowl.
  • The clarified Liquid passes around the Efficiency Ring and discharges through the Bowl Hub discharge ports and into the Frame Collection Chamber.
  • The clarified liquid flows down the Drain Tubes and into the lower frame drain pan where it exists discharge fitting at the rear of the Centrifugal Separator.

Automatic cleaning cycle

  • Once the bowl fills capacity with waste solids,The Automatic cleaning Cycle is activated to remove the Solids. This Cycle is controlled by an adjustable Process Timer.
  • When the cleaning cycle is activated, The Separator shuts off The Feed and brakes to a complete Stop.
  • After the Free Liquid drains, The Sludge chute cover is pneumatically opened.
  • A second Pneumatic Cylinder engages the plow mechanism’s clutch socket into the plow shaft. The sprocket then turns, counter rotating plow blades altermately, clockwise and counter clockwise.
  • The Plowing Action discharges the compacted solids from the tapered Section of the Separator Bowl. The sludge drops through a chute into a waste receptacle below The Machine.
  • Upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the sludge chute cover closes,the pneumatic cylinder retracts,The Process Timer resets,and the machine resumes its process cycle. A normal cleaning cycle takes less than 5 minutes.


Model\Spec. Process
of bowl(rpm)
50Hz 60Hz
SF-50A 50 7 1900 2300 1.5 1280×680 906 1118 400
SF-100A 100 15 1800 2200 3.7 1350×780 985 1244 600
SF-200A 200 25 1860 2200 5.5 1500×890 1004 1324 800