Lapping Machine

Product features

  • The high level of air tightness is maintained by rapping the contact surface of two spherical products.
  • The cylinder block used in oil-pressure pumps and motors and the spherical contact surface of the valve plate could be rapped at the same time to improve the air tightness.



Spec./Model CLM-10S CLM-10D
Max. honing dia. (mm) Ø200
Max. honing angle.(mm) 편심 0°~30°(접촉율 80~90% 유지)
No. of spindles 1 spindle 2 spindles
Valve Plate speeds (rpm) 0~9 (Variable speed)
Cylinder speeds (m/min) 4~62 (Variable speed)
Valve Plate Swivel speeds 4~68 (Variable speed)
Valve Plate drive motor (Kw) 0.4 X 1 0.4 X 2
Cylinder drive motor (Kw) 0.6 X 1 0.6 X 2
Valve Plate swivel motor (Kw) 0.4 x 1 0.4 x 2
Floor area (mm) 800 X 900 1,400 x 900
Overall height (mm) 1,650 1,650
Weight (kg) 150 220