With unceasing efforts for technical innovation and unbending spirit of artisan, CleanTec promises a shining future.

Having wide experience and high level of technology, CleanTec provides goods in various industrial fields, and endeavors to extend itself to a new market continuously.

For the advancement in technology, CleanTec has been conducting academic-industrial cooperation with renowned universities in Korea, and acquired good reputation in various industrial exhibitions.

Under the management policy of "Customer-oriented development of human resources and technology," CleanTec will make a ceaseless effort to be more innovative in manufacturing new products based on high technology and company's know-how. Moreover, CleanTec promises to provide the customers with the products of the best quality, assured by a strict quality control and after-sale services. CleanTec takes pride in its long history with customers, and will always put the utmost efforts to challenge a new market and another leap.

- CleanTec Staff memebers



  • 2021 Change to corporation "CleanTec"


  • 2006 Received the certificate of KS S/ISO 9001:2000
  • 2005 Acquired Admission of forming by RDA(Rural Development Administration.)
    Development of liquid serqting centrifuge
  • 2004 Development of liquid Honing Machine
    Exported Honing Machine to Iran
  • 2002 Selected as clean plant (Ministry of labor)
    Exported Honing Machine to China
  • 2001 Transferred to newly built plant in Busan Noksan Industrial complex
  • 2000 Changed company name to CleanTec
    Commenced on exporting centrifuge to Japan
    Registered centrifuge trademark at the industrial property office
    ( Trademark : )
    Newly constructed plants in Busan Noksan Industrial complex


  • 1999 Joint research on the centrifuge with Inje university
  • 1998 Development of automatic centrifuge
  • 1997 Development of Semi-Automatic centrifuge
    Exported Honing Machine to India
  • 1996 Development of manually operated centrifuge
  • 1995 Development of vehicular brake disk Honing Machine
    Development of auto-spherical Honing Machine
  • 1994 Development of Keystar (Groove Cutting Machine)
  • 1990 Introduced CAD system and office automation


  • 1988 Development of vertical small caliber Honing Machine
  • 1987 Establishment of KumYoung Machine Industrial
    Technical cooperation of Honing Machine with the Japanese 東洋機工 (株)