Liquid/Solid Separator

Product features

  • There is a solid crisis effect which excels.(about 80% over)
  • Functional ratio control (the sawdust and the chaff etc.) necessity without the compost painter of good quality is possible.
  • The sludge (it reduces SS) consistency a daytime loach public control charge differently.
  • To store misfortune secret story facility there is a possibility of doing to write the tank dosage charge which is caused by with solid precipitation.
  • To purification control facility it will be able to reduce cohesion my use.


  • Excretions sludge enters toward the storage tank.
  • The primary process using equipment ahead of centrifuge.
  • Pump excretions sludge up from the storage tank.
  • Excretions sludge entrance into centrifuge.
  • Separate sludge falls into the sludge box.
  • Clean water return to storage tank.


Model\Spec. Processing volume
Processing efficiency
Percentage of water content
SF-100A 1,500 10,000 70 SS Quantity(base)
SF-200A 2,500 10,000 70

Certificate of Authentication


Spec.\Model SF-100A SF-200A
Process capacity (ℓ/min) 100 200
Sludge volumn (ℓ) 15 25
RPM of bowl (rpm) 2,200 2,200
Separator Motor (Kw) 3.7 (5HP) 5.5 (7.5HP)
Cleaning Motor (Kw) 0.75(1HP)x1/50 0.75(1HP)x1/50
Required space (mm) 760Wx1520L
Inlet height (mm) 1160 1180
Outlet height (mm) 1243 1287
Weight 700 873

Set-up picture