Honing Machine

Disc Honing Machine

Product features

  • It is an Honing Machine exclusively for the brake disk pad for automobiles that could be applied to all types of vehicles.
  • This Honing Machine is showing excellent performance in honing domestic vehicle brake disks.
  • Honing is possible with the construction material’s diameter of 300mm.


Product features

Spec.\Model DH-H DH-V
Max.honing dia. (mm) Ø300
Max.honing length. (mm) 50
Spindle speeds (rpm) 60
Reciprocating speeds (cycle/min) 1800 Variable speed
Stone expansion system Constant pressure type
Sizing system Timer ( Option : electric micro meter )
Motor Spindle drive (Kw) 1.5
Hyd' pump (Kw) 2.2
Coolant pump (W) 100 ~ 250
Floor area (mm) 2000 × 2500
Overall height (mm) 2400
Weight (kg) 1200 1500